Archive of Previous Releases

Previous versions of BridgeComposer are available for use in case you have difficulties with the current release.

For easy download and install, we recommend BCInstaller. Simply run BCInstaller, go to the "BC Website" tab, select the desired version, and click the "Download & Install" button.

Alternatively, you may download the following:

Archived VersionRelease DateNotes
BridgeComposer 5.84 2020-11-25 
BridgeComposer 5.83 2020-08-29 
BridgeComposer 5.82 2020-08-03 
BridgeComposer 5.42.22013-04-08 Last version that runs on very old systems1

Archived Version (64-bit)Release DateNotes
BridgeComposer 5.84 2020-11-25 
BridgeComposer 5.83 2020-08-29 

If you don't use BCInstaller, and you are moving from one version of BridgeComposer to an older version, you will need to uninstall your current version before you install the older version. One way to do this is by starting your current BridgeComposer, using the Help→License menu command, and clicking the Uninstall button. You may also uninstall using Windows 10 "Start→Settings→Apps→Apps & features" or the Windows "Programs and Features" control panel. Whichever way you use, choose the option to "KEEP all user settings and KEEP license key".

See also Upgrade and Uninstall Problems.

1CPU Compatibility

Very old systems may experience an "illegal instruction" fault (0xC000001D exception). This is due to the more recent versions of the Microsoft library software using CPU instructions from an enhanced instruction set.

If you experience this problem on an aged system, try BridgeComposer version 5.42.2 or older.

More Information

My HP 7285 desktop, purchased in November, 1996, has an "original" Pentium CPU (P5 microarchitecture, 200 MHz). It runs BridgeComposer 5.42.2, but it does indeed get an illegal instruction fault when attempting to run newer versions.

The fault typically occurs on a CMOV (conditional move) instruction, which was not added to the x86 instruction set until the Pentium Pro (1995), Pentium II (1997), and Pentium M (2003).

See also Wikipedia: P6 (microarchitecture).


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